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Housewarmers has been cleaning my home for almost a year.During the initial months, the cleaning was very satisfactory, but services declined over time.

We recently began a renovation project in our home, which seemed like a good reason to discontinue the cleaning service. I called and cancelled the service and had a verbal acceptance of the cancellation. A few weeks later, I see the reoccurring charge on my card. I called to ask that the charge be reversed, but they never answered the phone.

I tried to send a message through their website, but it did not go through. I tried to send a fax, but it did not go through. I have now had to file a dispute with my credit card company for these charges. I continue to call Housewarmers, but never receive an answer or a response to the 10+ messages I have left.

I would recommend that you DO NOT use this company.The service declined ( they stopped mopping floors, did not clean all of the rooms, and did a very superficial cleaning ) and now the continue to charge me for services not provided.

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I completely agree.In my opinion, not only are the cleaning services inconsistent, but the business has poor customer service and is incredibly unprofessional.

I used them on a regular basis, but they would send different crews, some cleaned very well, others were horrible. Most of the crews had to clean houses all over the Washington Metropolitan area and they simply did not have time to devote the necessary attention to each home. In fact, one of the supervisors failed to close my front door. My door was left wide open and when I arrived home from work I had to call the police because my front door was wide open.

The police walked through my home and advised that no one had been there since Housewarmers because the vacuum lines were undisturbed. Awful!

when questioned about concerns, the owner was defensive and rude.Thumbs way down.

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